IS24 - Aerodynamics and Vortex Flows in Marine Sports

Organized by: S. E. Morris (Montana State University, United States)

Marine sports (e.g. Olympic sailing, rowing, kayaking) all experience fluid-structure interactions, as athletes strategically move sails, blades and foils through fluid media to improve their performance. These motions can be optimized for varying goals, exploiting the vortical flows that arise to achieve increased thrust, turning maneuverability, and stoppability. Environmental factors such as variable wind speed/gusting conditions and high-amplitude wave states add to the complexity of these problems, as does the three-dimensional nature of these flows. These complex motions therefore require efficient and reliable numerical methods to help analyze these flows and improve athlete performance. We encourage submissions of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies regarding, but not limited to, the aerodynamics, vortex flows, and fluid-structure interactions present in marine sports. Results from field and laboratory experiments are also encouraged, as they are recognized as an essential validation tool for these complex simulations. In addition to applied studies, this session also encourages sports-mimetic approaches to classical aerodynamic problems, using sports-inspired motions to increase airfoil/blade propulsion. This invited session aims to bring together experts in marine sports to improve knowledge in the field, and to explore new ideas and challenges.